No One Escape

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What is No One Escape?

No One Escape
No One Escape is an escape room game that will train your thinking, because you are locked in an office with several enemies and criminals who will want to kill you. Get away as soon as possible.

Your main mission is to escape from an office where you are locked up with several criminals and impostors. What you need to remember is that criminals are hiding in impostors and they will reveal their identities late, when you are very close to them. Be very careful and agile and see how you can escape from that office as quickly as possible.

Then turn into a killer and make sure the other people don't run away from that office. Try to kill as many people as possible to collect points. Collect the coins you will need to upgrade your weapons and they will help you be better. In both cases, when you complete the required number of points, the office door will open automatically.

We hope you enjoy the No One Escape game and train your mind to get better. We warmly invite you to our site to discover other beautiful games. Have fun.

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How to play?

use the mouse