Crystal Chaos

Crystal Chaos

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Crystal Chaos
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Crystal Chaos Overview

Dear children,
We have a new game for you, from your favorite cartoon producer, Cartoon Network.

Elliot arrives in another world, accidentally with his mother. Upon their arrival, he is greeted by a robot that will guide him into the unknown world. But in order to get back to earth, Elliot will have to solve various tasks or puzzles that will send him back to his galaxy, that is, to earth. However, the robot also works and guides it only if Elliot solves the tasks he has drawn. Crystal Chaos - Elliot From Earth, is one of the interesting games that will capture your attention and stimulate your thinking.

During your route, while you will try to solve the tasks ordered by the robot, you will meet various characters on the route who will want to get in touch with you. Be very careful and have discussions with them because they can give you information about what you need to do. But, in the upper right part, you have a button that can give you more information and a map that you have permanent access to so you can be guided where you need to go.

We hope you enjoyed our game, and we invite you to discover other games from the Cartoon Network category but also other games that we have put on the site. We just want you to have a lot of fun :)

How to play?

use the arrow key

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