Zombies April Fun

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What is Zombies April Fun?

Zombies April Fun
The game Cute Zombies April Fun is composed of two different levels, the first one is composed of Princess Elsa from Frozen, and the second part of the game plays Jasmine, the princess from Aladdin.

As you can see, in this game for girls you will have to take care of the two princesses so that they look as good as possible at the masked ball they are going to attend. As you can see, the masked ball has as its main theme the scary clothing of the zombies, which is why you will have to use all your knowledge so that you can create the scariest costumes for the two Disney Princesses.

How can you do a zombie makeup?

  • The first trick you will have to use is right in the makeup area, where you will have to use the best makeup tools so that you can make up the two girls as close as possible to the characters they want. reproduce. To succeed in turning them into zombies, you will have to use dark shades, as close as possible to the colors green, gray, and black, and from time to time you can put red spots, a few stitches from operations so that everything is as real as possible.
  • The next thing you will have to do is go with your character to the dress-up area, where you can choose the best costumes that can reproduce the monsters you want to create. Here you can combine the hairstyle, clothes, accessories, and posture of the characters so that you can create a really scary character that looks as much as possible like a zombie.

How to play?

use the mouse to transform our cute princess into the scariest zombie monsters.

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