Save The Princess

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What is Save The Princess?

Save The Princess
We know how fun and beloved interactive puzzle games online are, especially if they have 3d graphics, one interesting and challenging level after another, and a cool premise to boot, all of these things being elements to the game called Save The Princess, which is the next game we want you to play here for free!

In it, as the title clearly states, saving a princess is your main goal, and you save her by moving her up and down on the platforms in such a way that she reaches the door and is able to exit through it. To do so, use the mouse to move weights on the elevators, and depending on where you place them the platforms will rise up in one direction or another.

If you get the princess to the door is usually enough, but on some levels, you will have to push buttons to open the door, which will have to do by the knight, so move the knight using the weights first, so he can reach the button, push it, and then get the princess out of the level and onto the next one.

This is a logic game where you have to think hard to come up with each solution, but if you focus, we're sure you will succeed! Good luck, and if you wish to play something similar, we've got plenty more puzzle games worth checking out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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