Spring Fashion Haul

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What is Spring Fashion Haul?

Spring Fashion Haul
Going out to the mall and buying lots of clothes in one go as you stroll through one shop after another is something that girls and women all over the world really love doing once in a while, and the same applies to the four princesses featured in this game called Spring Fashion Haul, which brings together Elsa, Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel.

How to shop with your favorite Disney Princesses

Before the time is up, use the mouse to tap on as many clothes, footwear, accessories like purses or jewelry, so that you get lots of them in the wardrobe, and know that you have a limited sum of money you can use, so you will have to fit in that allowance. Then, with the items you picked up you get to dress up each of the princesses, one after the other.

Help the princesses get likes on social media next

Now that they have awesome clothes on them and a terrific new look thanks to the clothes you helped them shop for, take a picture of the princesses in their new outfit, after which you will be able to add some filters on them, with the next thing you do is see how many likes they get, and we're sure it will be lots of them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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