Lets Party

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What is Lets Party?

Lets Party
We are starting this day off with a new and awesome action and skill game online in 3d which you also get to play on your mobile devices, and this is a really awesome and fun game where you will definitely enjoy your time with it just as much as we did since we really loved playing it a lot, which is why it was brought over in the first place!

How to play Lets Party online so you can have the most fun out of this dancing game:

You will have an arena that is made out of tiles, and you control a dancer's avatar and you will compete against three other characters, all of them controlled by the computer. After the countdown, use the mouse by clicking and holding it while moving around the tiles to turn them into your color, which is green.

The goal you have is that before the song is over and the match is over, try and make as many tiles in your color as possible because if you cover more tiles and ground than the other players, you are the winner. Each new fight will make the opponents more difficult to deal with, but we're sure you will be able to give it your best!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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