Fresh Spring Style

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What is Fresh Spring Style?

Fresh Spring Style
Spring is here, and so is the Fresh Spring Style game you get to play right now on our website which features four of your favorite Rainbow Girls, all of whom want to look great all spring-long, especially since this is the first hot season of the year, and you can get to relax with your clothes more than in previous seasons, and this allows for lots of cool new styles they can adopt.

Let's help the four girls look amazing for spring by doing their makeup and giving them a cool spring outfit!

As it is customary for this kind of games, you start off by applying makeup on the girl's face using the cosmetics granted to you, and in this case, you have lipstick, blush that you will add to the cheeks to give them color, and eye-shadow as well, with the latest panel giving you contacts to change the colors of their eyes with.

To dress the girls up you will first select some accessories, having jewelry like earrings and necklaces available, you will pick up a cool pair of glasses, a purse for them to hold things in, since spring clothes don't have many pockets, and you then choose the hairstyle you think suits them best, as well as one of the marvelous outfits in the wardrobe.

The girls will be spring-ready as soon as they come out of the house, and we're sure all eyes will be on them!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.