Time of Adventure Easter Holiday

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What is Time of Adventure Easter Holiday?

Time of Adventure Easter Holiday
There is no way you can go wrong if you play the new Adventure Time Games two players, on our website, even more so if we’re talking about content such as the new game you see on this page right now, a terrific new addition called Time of Adventure Easter Holiday.

Finn and Jake on the Easter Egg Hunt

The story and premise of the game are very simple, as the two adventurers want to go through one level after another and collect all the eggs from them, something you will help them with, making sure that they don’t fall into puddles of water along the way, and after you reach the door at the end of a level, you are able to advance to the following one.

How to play one of the best Finn and Jake Games in 2 players:

For one of the characters you use the W, A, S, D keys to move and jump and press the R key to sprint, while for the other character the second player uses the arrow keys for moving and jumping, and the O key to sprint.

Like in any other games in two players online, work together, because co-operation is the key to clear the levels, especially because even if one of you dies, both have to start the level from scratch. Good luck, and have fun adventuring!

How to play?

Player 1 uses W, A, S, D, R, while Player 2 uses the arrows, O.

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