Object Hunt

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What is Object Hunt?

Object Hunt

Object Hunt is without a doubt one of the most exciting new games to have been added on our website recently, and this game has nothing to do with going out and buying furniture and other items for your house, since it is a play and spin-off to the classic hide and seek game, only adding lots of crazy and fun elements that only through online gaming you would have available.

Hunt or be hunted: choose your camp!

In this game, there are two camps you can belong in, and this is what you have to choose for starters. You can be in the camp of those who seek, or in the camp of those who hide, and in order to experience this game to the fullest, we definitely recommend alternating between the two camps.

What to do if you hide or if you seek:

If you are hiding, choose the piece of furniture you want to be, and then find a spot to camouflage yourself in as that furniture. If the seeker does not come and find you or any of the other hiders in a certain amount of time, your camp wins.

If you are seeking, move through the room and smash the furniture pieces using your hammer to find the ones that are hiding, and if you catch them all in the required time, you win. Collect coins also if you are in this camp, and avoid the puddles.

For both modes, use the mouse to move around. Good luck to all the players, and we hope you stick around and play even more of our crazy new games of the day after this one!

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How to play?

Use the mouse to move around.