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Team Kaboom

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Team Kaboom
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Team Kaboom Overview

We're back, and we're back in full force with one of the best new arcade-shooting games online of the day you will get to find anywhere, so playing the game called Team Kaboom right now and here should definitely be your priority, since we know that you will really enjoy everything it has to offer, starting with the 8bit retro look of the game.

How to play Team Kaboom, a shooting game for boys:

You will be dropped in a setting that is made out of platforms laid out on various levels, and usually, from the top, enemies are going to be dropped and they will automatically fall from one platform to another. We recommend finding a good spot somewhere below so that from that place you shoot them up after they drop.

The game is an endless shooting game, meaning that you will have to keep shooting enemies as long as they come towards you, and you only stop when you lose, which happens if you get touched by enemies or get shot by them three times, as you only have three lives available.

To move and jump you will use the arrow keys, and to shoot your gun you use the C key. Some enemies need more shots to be taken down, remember that! Try to survive for a long time and get lots of points in return, and if you die, try to do better next time you play, so that you always up yourself!

How to play?

Use the arrows, X, C keys.

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