Easter Glamping Trip

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Easter Glamping Trip
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What is Easter Glamping Trip?

Easter Glamping Trip
Because the current situation in the world does not allow Elsa and Anna from Frozen to get together with their friends and family for Easter, since they're already living together, they thought it would be a great idea to take advantage of the great weather and go on a camping trip, but since they're princesses, you know that they are going to do it in style!

What's an Easter Glamping Trip, you ask?

While the girls will still use a trailer to go in nature, sleep in it, and explore the surroundings, this is no ordinary trailer, and not only it's a high-quality one, but also the princesses want to look glamorous during their trip, which is what you are here to help them with!

Start off by dressing them up, then, using the panel next to them to choose a hairstyle, and then mixing and matching the stylish and varied clothes, shoes, and accessories in their wardrobes.

You then decorate the tent they want to sleep under, add some chairs and tables outside, as well as some ambient light because it needs to look glam and festive at the same time.

Finally, honoring Easter traditions, help the two princesses decorate an Easter Eggs basket, which we are sure you will have look as pleasant as possible. Start the fun right now, and enjoy this game like nowhere else!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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