Boxed Up Bears

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What is Boxed Up Bears?

Boxed Up Bears

Grizzly, Ice Bear, and Panda have had a long history when it comes to We Bare Bears Games that featured boxes, as they love boxes all-around, and boxes are once again at the forefront in a game from their category, as right now we are delighted to invite everyone here to play the game called Boxed Up Bears.

Play mahjong online with the We Bare Bears characters and their boxes!

This game is going to use the rules of mahjong to help the three bears do a bit of spring cleaning, as they have various boxes all over the house, and by clearing them out you win levels and get points in return while helping the three Cartoon Network characters.

You will use the mouse to tap on two identical boxes that have no boxes between them to eliminate them, and when all the pairs of boxes are cleared out, the level is also cleared. Try to finish each level fast, because you will be timed for each of them.

Also, clearing out boxes in a fast manner will bring you some bonus points, and we're sure that you will get plenty of them since all the kids playing our games always give their best!

Start now, and don't look back even for a second, since there are even more great games you can play here after this one!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.