Minnie's Magnificent Garden

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Minnie's Magnificent Garden
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What is Minnie's Magnificent Garden?

Minnie's Magnificent Garden

Maybe you did not know this about Minnie, but she loves her garden, and, obviously, she also loves gardening, but at times she has so much work to do that it is quite overwhelming, so she could always need a helping hand, just like the one you extend to her right now and here in the new game called Minnie's Magnificent Garden.

Learn how to help Disney's Minnie take care of her garden

Minnie and Mickey have a deal with the Farmer's Market where they bring into it new fruit and vegetable week by week, but before the produce gets sold, you have to help the two Disney lovebirds make it come true, so in this game, you will focus on planting and growing these things.

Of course, we're positive that most of you have not really done a lot of gardening work before, but you need not worry, since Minnie is here to help you through all the steps along the way, as you follow her instructions with the mouse. You will dig holes for the seeds and plant them inside, then put the dirt back, and then water those seeds until they take root and grow into vegetables, and if you give them enough water and sun, they will grow healthy and big.

Good luck through all the gardening processes we wish for you, and we are happy to invite you to play more of our new games of the day in addition to this one, so you can continue having fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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