Circus Mystery

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What is Circus Mystery?

Circus Mystery
As long as there are more new and interesting circus games online to offer you for free on our website, you can bet we are going to do it, which is the reason why right now we are sharing with you all the game called Circus Mystery, an endless-type game which will challenge your skills and will provoke you to solve mysteries, something we teach you more about here and now because we want to make sure you can enjoy the game to its fullest!

How to solve the mystery of the circus:

To unlock this mystery you will try your hand at knife-throwing, which is and always will be one of the most popular routines at the circus, and to throw knives into the rotating target you will use the mouse. The target is a circle that spins around and might sometimes even change directions, and you have to stick into it as many knives as possible and get lots of points in return.

Be careful not to hit a knife already inside with a new knife, since you lose at that point. Knives disappear at times, which gives you more space to throw new ones in. What are you waiting for? Test your skills with the mouse with this game right now, and find out if you would do a great job working at the circus!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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