World of Dragons Hidden Stars

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What is World of Dragons Hidden Stars?

World of Dragons Hidden Stars
Sometimes, the simplest of games are the best ones to play, and we intend to prove that right now and here with the addition of World of Dragons Hidden Stars over to our website, which is one of the most exciting new hidden objects games online here, not just because you search for stars in the images, but the images will depict huge and fantastical dragons, mythical creatures that so many people are obsessed with!

How to find the stars hidden through the images of dragons:

First of all, know that there are ten levels in total that you have to go through, each one featuring new images of dragons, so pick the one you want to start with. On the bottom left corner of the image, you can see how many stars you have to find in that level, and you move the magnifying glass over the images using the mouse.

Once you have found one of the stars, tap on it, and make sure not to tap wrong too many times, or you might lose the whole game. You can use hints, but they are limited, so don't use them if they are not really necessary. What are you waiting for? Start the fun right now, and tell all your friends about our amazing games as well!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.