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Draw Knife

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Draw Knife
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Draw Knife Overview

Draw Knife is a masterclass game when it comes to combining various formats in one, just like it does with drawing games, puzzle games, and action games, as in this game you play the role of an assassin who has to give their best to take down all the targets he has, level after level, and you have to do that by throwing knives at them. He has the special ability to throw knives according to a path that you draw for him, and this will be your goal in the game.

How drawing can help you become an expert knife-thrower:

For the first level you will only have one target to hit, but as you advance there will be more of them, and you will have to take out all of them in the given number of tries, as you have a limited number of knives you can throw per level.

Draw a path that the knife will take using the mouse, and make it so that it hits all the targets and if you can also collect and grab all the coins along the way as well, even better for you since you will have a bigger score by the end of the game.

The positions of the targets will be more complicated through the levels, so you always have to strive harder to get them. Good luck at all this, and we hope you stick around and see what other great new games we've shared here with you all day long!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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