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Escape Heroes

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Escape Heroes
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Escape Heroes Overview

After seeing how much you loved the recently-added new prison escape games online we've had, we decided that it would be a great idea to share with you some more games like that as soon as possible, which is the reason why today you get to play and enjoy a fantastic new game called Escape Heroes.

Become an expert at escaping from prisons online!

As an inmate, you are trying your best to get out of prison in each level of the game, and the way that you do it is by digging a tunnel through the underground, something that you do use the mouse, tapping and holding it while moving through the ground to make the holes.

Reach the car waiting for you on the other side of the jail, and along the way, you should try to create the path in such a way that you also collect as many coins as possible. You start off with one prisoner, but along the way, you should also try to rescue other ones from the ground and bring them out with you.

Each new level presents you with a puzzle that is more complicated, but if you focus enough, we're sure that you will find the solution in no time and help the characters escape! Good luck with that!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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