Slingshot Jetpack

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Slingshot Jetpack
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What is Slingshot Jetpack?

Slingshot Jetpack
It might be years down the road until we will be able to fly with jetpacks in real life, but you don't need to wait even seconds to do it through a new and awesome online game, which is what we invite you all to do right now and here with the addition of Slingshot Jetpack, one of the coolest skill games 3d we've had here in a while, and a game we hope none of you miss out on for anything in the world!

Fly with your jetpack high into the skies!

You will control a Viking-like character who is sitting in a slingshot, so draw it back and then get ready for the opening bell, when you have to catapult it into the air, where it will have a jetpack race against other jetpack fliers.

Use the mouse to navigate through the air, and make sure to go through the yellow circles with arrows on them, since they give you a speed boost that will help you overtake the other ones, so aim to reach the finish line first, which is a huge target in the skies.

If you can, along the way, also collect coins, because you can use the coins collected and those that you earned after winning races to buy better jetpacks and cool gadgets, improve them, or get a new costume and change your character's design.

Let the jetpack racing begin right now, have fun like only here is made possible, and don't forget to invite friends to play our fantastic new games of the day as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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