Donkey's FroYo Stand

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What is Donkey's FroYo Stand?

Donkey's FroYo Stand
Today we are giving you a warm welcome into the new category of Donkey Hodie Games online, based on the character with the same name from the Mr. Rogers universe who now has his own show on PBS Kids, where Hodie and his animal puppet friends have tons of adventures from which you can learn all sorts of valuable lessons, and today you will help him start his first business, which is an ice-cream stand.

Play Donkey's FroYo Stand online and help Hodie sell ice cream to his various customers!

Customers are going to approach you, and in a bubble, they are going to show you the kind of ice cream they want, in which kind of container they want it, and you will also throw in some toppings for most of your clients.

Well, you have to identify the order correctly, pour the right ice cream from the machine, add the toppings such as sprinkles, syrup, chocolate, fruit, and many more, and put them over the ice cream to complete the order.

Then, deliver it to your happy customer, and then do the same for the next one, with you trying to help Donkey serve as many people ice cream as possible, making them happy, as well as Hodie, for having such a popular ice cream stand.

What are you waiting for, then? You now know how simple and fun this game is, so give it a chance right now, and we're sure you will enjoy it a whole lot!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.