Trampoline Tricks

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What is Trampoline Tricks?

Trampoline Tricks

It's time for you to experience the life of a circus clown through playing one of the newest clown games online on our website, a game called Trampoline Tricks, where our administrative team has had lots of fun from start to finish, so of course, it would be shared with you and brought over to make this category even stronger and more fun, and it will surely also be a delight for the many fans of trampoline games out there!

Help the clown use the trampoline to jump high into the sky!

This is your main goal in this game, and we'll now explain how to accomplish it. To get the clown ready for jumping, press and hold the down arrow key, doing this when his feet are near the trampoline. If you release the button at the right time, the clown jumps into the air, and the more power you gathered, the higher he gets.

While in the air, in-flight, press the right and left arrow keys to have him perform tricks and stunts, which will surely impress the audience watching the show, and it will also increase your score and better your performance. Don't land on your head, because you will not get points in return if that happens.

Try to make lots of trick combos with your clown, put on the best stage performance ever, and, when you're done here, check out more clowns games as only here can be found!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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