Clowns Vs Aliens

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Clowns Vs Aliens
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What is Clowns Vs Aliens?

Clowns Vs Aliens

A confrontation between clowns and aliens is probably not something you were expecting to see today on our website, but you know very well we want to surprise our visitors with all the best new games on the internet, so right now you should definitely consider playing the game called Clowns Vs Aliens, an arcade-action game with skill elements and lots of fun to be had, no doubt!

Stop the alien invasion by being a clown!

It seems that the only ones who can stop the aliens that are invading the Earth are the clowns, so you will become one and give your best to defeat these enemies.

Use the mouse to drag balloons and drop them onto the screen, so that they intercept the aliens that are slowly descending from the sky, eliminating them when you hit them with the balloons.

What weapons to use against the aliens:

The balloons are only your first weapons, because, as you keep making progress, you will be able to buy and unlock new weapons to use, such as drums, rockets, and, of course, actual clowns.

The more alien invaders you stop from arriving on our planet, the more points you get, but if too many of them land, you lose, so don't let that happen!

Good luck, start the action and the fun right now, and invite friends of yours to check out the game also, they will love it here, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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