Santa Us

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What is Santa Us?

Santa Us

When you're here, every day is a new opportunity for you to enjoy new Among Us Games online of the highest quality, and this is certainly the case right now with the addition of Santa Us, which brings Christmas in the summer, and offers you a skill and action game unlike you've played in this category before, for sure!

Help the Imposter avoid the gifts!

Firstly, learn how to control your imposter character from Among Us, which is not complicated to do at all, as you will use the arrow keys for moving and jumping, simple as that.

What your goal is to keep advancing without having the gift boxes that are hopping all over the screen hit you at any time because if you get hit by them, you lose.

Instead, the more you advance without touching any of the gifts, the bigger your score becomes, and we certainly hope that you go through a big distance and accumulate a big score by the end of the game!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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