Arrow Twist

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What is Arrow Twist?

Arrow Twist

We know that challenging skill games arcade on the internet are always really fun and interesting to try out, which is the reason why right now we are sharing with you the game called Arrow Twist, which is a high-quality hypercasual game that you can also play on mobile devices, and if we didn't recommend it, it wouldn't have been added here in the first place!

Jump as high as possible with your twisting arrow!

You will control a three-pointed arrow that is twisting and circling around all the time, and when you tap on the screen, it jumps in the direction that its tip is directed towards, so try to find the right moment to tap and send the arrow higher, so that it's at the right angle.

You have to make sure that you keep advancing up without hitting the red bars and blocks placed all over because if you bump into them, you lose. Instead, the higher that you go without an accident, the bigger your score becomes.

Now that you know how simple and fun this game is, we hope nothing holds you back from starting it right now, and maybe you will even share it with friends, who knows?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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