Cheerleaders School

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What is Cheerleaders School?

Cheerleaders School

Being a cheerleader is not an easy feat, and becoming a leader of a cheering squad is even harder, which is why going to Cheerleaders School is one of the most important steps you can take towards that direction, something that you can do right now, virtually, in the game called exactly that, where you will learn, memorize, and perform some of the most awesome cheerleading routines ever, and we're sure you will enjoy doing it a lot!

How to train as a cheerleader in this online game:

On top of the screen, you are shown the steps in the dance that you have to take, and on the bottom of the screen, you have several sheets which act as the trigger to the cheerleader performing them.

Click on the dance moves icon at the bottom of the screen in the same order as they are shown on top, and before the time goes out, perform the dance correctly as many times as it is required.

The more dance routines you perform correctly, the more points you earn in return, and the better your grades at the cheerleading school become, and we're sure you want to become the top student there, no?

Start the fun right now, only here, and don't hesitate to play even more of our new games of the day, you will love them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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