Crazy Pillow Fight Party

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Crazy Pillow Fight Party
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What is Crazy Pillow Fight Party?

Crazy Pillow Fight Party

New kinds of games for girls are always being added for free on our website since this is one half of our audience that we really want to make happy with the new content we have for them, just like we feel for the other half, and today for the female side we bring you a great game during these times when people can't get together, which is called Crazy Pillow Fight Party!

Throw the most awesome virtual pillow fight ever!

Because of the current regulations, girls can't really have sleepovers as they used to have in the past when lots of them got together, gossiped, did their manicures, had makeovers, and, as everyone knows, have crazy pillow fights. Well, we can now offer you that last thing as an online experience with this game, about which we tell you more right now and here!

Start off by testing out and using your creative spirit, in a decoration part where you have to design and decorate the way that you want the invitation to the slumber party to look, which we are sure you will make very welcoming and cute.

Girls wear pajamas at these sleepovers, so you will then dress up our protagonist in the cutest pajama ever, so she can proudly wear it in front of all her friends.

To win the pillow fight, having a pillow that looks great and is also useful will help you a lot, so create your own pillow from scratch, following on-screen instructions, and pick the most important part of the design according to your tastes.

In addition to the pillow fight, you might even cook, play some candy hunt, and have lots of awesome activities, which we are sure you won't get bored of even for a second!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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