Birdy Trick

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What is Birdy Trick?

Birdy Trick

Even if it has been long past since the peak of their popularity, Flappy Bird games and other games similar to it which are all about improving your timing and your skills, are still quite well received by those who play them, which is why our team is delighted to share with everyone here right now a game such as Birdy Trick, a high-quality game in this genre that you should also check out on your mobile phone or tablet!

Keep your bird in the air, flying all the time!

When birds fly, they do it by flapping their wings, and that is what you do in this game when you click on the screen with the mouse or tap on it with your fingers, something that you have to keep doing in order not to fall from the sky, because if you hit the trees at the bottom, you lose.

There are other dangers there as well, such as thunderclouds, other birds flying all over the place, bees, and other kinds that might appear further down the road, which you must also avoid, so as not to lose.

Don't avoid the stars, though, because the more of them you collect, the more points you get, and in addition to stars, you should try to fly a distance as big as possible!

Good luck with all of that, and stick around, so that you won't miss out on any of the fun games still to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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