Among Us Gravity Runner

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What is Among Us Gravity Runner?

Among Us Gravity Runner

Geometry Dash and other gravity games have been more and more popular over the last few years in the world of online gaming, so of course, the format can apply to different genres and various categories as well, just like it happens today in the Among Us Games category, a fan-favorite, where you get to play this kind of game, through the awesome new addition of Among Us Gravity Runner!

Change gravity, and help the imposter keep moving forward!

You will have an imposter always running forward, and in order to avoid falling into pits, hitting traps, spikes, and other obstacles, you will have to change gravity and help him move along the platforms, sometimes on the bottom, sometimes on the top.

To change gravity, you simply have to tap on the screen. Remember that if you hit either the tops or bottoms of the screen, you will lose. Instead, keep moving ahead, and you should also try to collect lots of diamonds and get a big score in return.

Of course, you should try to achieve both a big score, and a big distance on the course, and if you die, try again and try harder than the last time. Good luck we want to wish you all, right now!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.