Warfare Classic Online

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Warfare Classic Online is not available anymore. Let's try a new game instead!

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What is Warfare Classic Online?

Warfare Classic Online

Today is going to be a really great day for the many fans of shooting games online on our website, of which we know there are plenty, which is always our incentive for bringing more of them, and we've not heard any complaints from the many boys and men coming here to play them, so we don't expect them to miss out right now on a must-play addition such as Warfare Classic Online!

Don't just be a participant in the war, but win it!

This is a high-quality game that can now be played from browsers as well, where up to ten players enter a map where they have to shoot each other down, using not just guns, but also tanks, planes, grenades, traps, they ride vehicles and use anything else they can find at their disposal to win the match, similarly to battle royale games.

In the All-Out War mode, you have to win more matches than the opposing team by decimating them, for the Special Game mode you will use only one weapon and try to use it to perfection, and in the Bombing Mission mode, you have to plant bombs on the other team and make sure it explodes their base.

There is the Team Deathmatch mode too, where you play against the clock, trying to eliminate as many members of the opposing team as possible, or the Boss Raid mode, where four players form a team to defeat undead people, so zombies, yes, you've got to fight zombies!

Use the W, A, S, D keys for movement, the mouse to look around as well as firing your weapons, R to reload, G to drop weapons, F to pick up weapons or other items, E for C4, and the numeric keys to select your weapons.

Good luck, and godspeed in the war, we hope you come out the other end as the winner!

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How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, mouse, number keys, R, G, F, E keys.