Racing Battlegrounds

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What is Racing Battlegrounds?

Racing Battlegrounds

Only on our website can you find and enjoy some of the most wonderful and high-quality racing games with cars on the internet, and today's latest addition is the must-play game called Racing Battlegrounds, which has really cool 3d graphics, fun tracks for you to race, and endless fun you won't get tired of any day soon!

Give your best to win the races against all the other cars on the battleground!

There are two modes this game can be played in after you complete the tutorial at the start, and they are the Tournament mode, where you have to win race after race to qualify, get more points, and take the first-place ranking in order to win the whole competition. If you want something simpler, try Quick Races, and just have mindless fun at your own pace.

You race on the tracks and have to try to get one of the first three places to get rewards at the end of the race, rewards that are used to upgrade your car and make it better and faster. You use the W, A, S, D, or the arrow keys to drive, and if you pick up special abilities, activate them with E.

Among the bonuses, you can grab you've got ultra-speed, armor for your car that helps you take less damage or even attacks that help you explode other cars you are racing against and take them out completely. Good luck, we hope you win, and we hope to hear your thoughts on this game in the comments section!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, E key.

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