Rail Slide

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What is Rail Slide?

Rail Slide

Sometimes our online sports games are quite different from what you are used to, and we're going to prove that to you right at this moment when our administrative team is excited to share with everyone here the new and awesome game called Rail Slide, a skill and action game unlike you've played here before, so checking it out right now should definitely be a priority for you all!

Slide on the rails and collect as many coins as possible!

With the blue stick that you are holding in your hand, you use the mouse to steer your avatar to the left and to the right, having to grab blue lines along the course, since they extend your stick. Why is that important? The stick is used to slide down on the rails, and if you have a big stick, you can slide a long distance and reach the end of the courses!

Hitting red and orange obstacles along the course will decrease the size of your stick, so try being careful not to let that happen! Try collecting lots of coins along the way, and increasing your score, and if your jump at the end on the finish platform is a good one, you will get lots of bonus coins in return, no doubt!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.