Graduation Hairstyles

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Graduation Hairstyles
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What is Graduation Hairstyles?

Graduation Hairstyles

The beginning of summer is always the season of graduation, whether we're talking about kindergarten, general school, high school, and, of course, college, with a college girl now having her big day of finishing school, and before she can get into the adult world of jobs, she has to celebrate, which is where this ceremony comes in.

For the ceremony, despite people wearing robes and hats, they still want to look amazing underneath, so help the protagonist of this game take good care especially of her hair because you will be her hairstylist!

Create the most amazing graduation haircut for the girl!

In the first level, apply shampoo and wash the hair, apply hair conditioner too, blow dry it afterward, and you will also brush it up. To finish up the stage, us a styling spray for the hair. You then choose the hairstyle you want her to have and then use the products and tools given to you to create it from scratch, and we're sure it will end up looking amazing!

You will then browse the wardrobe to choose the clothing the girl will wear underneath her robe, you can pick accessories for it too, such as jewelry, and don't forget to choose the design of her eyebrows as well. Finally, you get to paint and decorate both the graduation robe and cap, and we're sure that you will make them fit very well with her outfit and hairstyle.

Now that you've seen how simple and fun this game for girls is, we hope you give it a chance right at this moment and enjoy it as only on our website is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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