Soul Jigsaw

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Soul Jigsaw
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What is Soul Jigsaw?

Soul Jigsaw

Disney's Soul is an amazing movie that was released not too long ago in theaters as well as Disney+, it is a hit from its first moments, and, we're not at all surprised, since this is yet another Pixar production with a lovely story and beloved characters, and, not only does it have important lessons to be thought, but it also has lots of amazing music, which is the soul of the movie, pun intended!

Come and solve puzzles with Soul from Pixar and Disney!

As the subtitle indicates, there is not just one puzzle for you to solve in this game, but multiple ones, and once you are done with one of the puzzles you are able to advance to the next level, where a new image has been transformed into a puzzle for you to solve, so keep it going until all have been solved!

You can see the full puzzle in front of you for a few seconds, after which its pieces are separated and then are shuffled around the screen, randomly. You then have to take the mouse, and piece by piece put them back together, using their shape and image as clues for how they fit.

Once the image is full, advance to the next puzzle, and if it has more pieces, the format is the same, you just need to work harder! Good luck, and we hope that this will be far from the final new game you play here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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