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What is Gunner?


It is really a great day to be on our website and also be a fan of shooting games and mouse skill games online, since right at this moment we are offering you a brand new game that is both of them at the same time, and, most importantly, it represents a really fun time to be had for you, from start to finish, so we really hope that you will hit the play button on Gunner right away!

Shoot the squares and climb the stairs!

You are going to have a square with a gun that is trying to climb stairs, and your goal is to reach as further up as possible, because the more you climb, and the more enemy squares you shoot down, the more your score increases.

Use the mouse to shoot. How? Well, your square gunner will move the gun up and down, and when you think that you are at the right angle to take a shot at your enemy, click to make it.

If you hit your target, you climb the stairs to their spot and then have a new target even higher, but missing means certain death, because then they shoot at you, and trust us, the computer does not miss.

With the points you earn along the way you can go in the store and buy not only new outfits for your gunner avatar but also new guns to use, making the experience never be stale! Good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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