Enchanted Heroes

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Enchanted Heroes
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What is Enchanted Heroes?

Enchanted Heroes

You can never go wrong by playing new clicker games online on our website, even more so if they are special games that have a great premise and are not as simple as the others, which is something that we're very excited to tell you about right now with the addition of Enchanted Heroes, a cool new medieval knights and magic game!

Help your hero defeat all the monsters with the help of your clicks!

You find yourself in a world of magic and monsters, where you are a knight with a sword who will automatically attack the green slimes and creatures that he encounters, but if you want to help damage them faster, tap on them with the mouse. If your hero gets hurt, you can tap on him to heal his health bar.

Know that the more creatures you defeat, the more coins you get in return, and you can then use those coins to buy better swords, make your hero's defenses better, make his damage be more hurtful, and there are other stats you can also improve from the buttons at the bottom of the screen, so always level up!

If you ever need any tips, know that there is a grandmaster wizard on the left side of the island whom you can tap on for advice, so make sure to do so, help is always good! Good luck, enjoy, and stay around since there is plenty more fun coming!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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