Girls Workout Session

Girls Workout Session
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Girls Workout Session Overview

Girls Workout Session

Girls, but even more so celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, get prepared to look amazing even when they go to workout, which is why you are now going to style her up for her latest session, something that is doable right now with one of our best new makeup and dress up games online, a game called Girls Workout Session!

Help Miley Cyrus look amazing before, during, and after her workout session!

The makeup stage that you begin this game with is more of a face cleaning game since you will treat all the problems with the skin on her face. Start by applying a face cream with a brush, then put two cucumbers on her eyes, and wait. Use a hydrating spray next, and then dry up her face with a towel.

Tweeze her eyebrows next, and continue by using a laser gun to get rid of any pimples on her face. Use eye cream as well as a lip balm, and then apply one more face mask. In the next part of this stage, you pick her hairstyle, and then you are done with the first half of the game.

For the second half, dress-up Miley in the best workout gear and clothes available in the wardrobe, from trousers, tops, jackets, and shoes, and we're sure she will be ready to tackle any kind of exercises her trainer gives her, with grace and looking stylishly while doing them. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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