Stylish Crop Top Trends

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What is Stylish Crop Top Trends?

Stylish Crop Top Trends

Fashion is ever-changing, and new trends can appear out of nowhere all the time, just like it is the case with the latest trend in women's fashion, and that is crop tops, which are shirts, blouses, or other kinds of tops that are cropped at the bottom, allowing to see more of the belly of the girl and woman wearing it.

The Rainbow Girls immediately loved the style, so they are now trying to adopt it in their own wardrobe, so help them out with that in this makeup and dress-up game!

Let's rock the crop-top trend!

For each of the three girls you start off by doing their makeup, where you choose blush, eye-shadow, and lipstick, and you can also pick the color of their eyes.

Then comes the dress-up stage of the game, where you pick the crop-top you like most, then pick skirts, shorts, or pants for the bottom side, and you can also even put some leggings on the girls.

Complete the look by choosing a hairstyle, and you can accessorize using glasses, purses, but also jewelry such as earrings and necklaces.

We've got no doubt that the three girls will all look amazing, and you will have had tons of fun giving them this trendy makeover for the summer!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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