Fortnite Memory

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What is Fortnite Memory?

Fortnite Memory

While we might have had plenty of Fortnite Games for browsers added so far on our website, never before did we bring you any memory games with cards on this page before, so count on us being excited that right at this moment we can share with you all the game called Fortnite Memory, where the cards that you have to memorize and match feature your favorite characters and avatars from this battle royale game!

Match the cards with Fortnite characters and improve your memory skills!

In each level of the game you have cards face-down with only 'Fortnite' written on them, but every time you click on a card you turn it around and reveal a character from the game. Each turn you can click on two cards at a time to flip them around, and if they are the same, they match, and the two cards get removed.

If not, they turn back around, but you should remember what they were, so you can eventually match them with their pair. You clear a level once all pairs of cards have been matched with one another, and in return you get points. You are also timed, so you should finish each level as fast as possible.

Another thing to take note of is that each new level will give you more cards to match with one another, so you will need to focus harder each time you play, but we are sure that you will manage! Good luck!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.