Stickman Clans

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What is Stickman Clans?

Stickman Clans

We know already how much you love playing strategy and tower defense games online, which is the reason why we never miss an opportunity to offer you more of these games for free on our website, just like we're delighted to do at this moment when you get to play and enjoy an amazing game called Stickman Clans, which is made even better by the fact that the armies you will rule are comprised out of stickmen!

Take the lead and become the most powerful clan of stickmen!

One of the first ways you can play this game is in the Campaign mode, where there are going to be multiple levels to the story, where you keep facing off with armies that are stronger than you, which means that you will have to keep upgrading your soldiers, your towers, your armory, and your defenses so that you will eventually win all the wars!

Go in the Online mode if you want to challenge not the computer, but a real person, with the two of you battling to take down the base of the other one, winning if you are the one left standing. There is also a Survival mode, where one wave of enemies after another will keep attacking your base, so you try to defeat as many of them as possible, without dying!

You also have an Armory in the main menu, from where you can buy new classes of soldiers, bigger towers, as well as cool weapons for your stickmen to use, with the Shop also offering you lots of cool upgrades and fun stuff to buy, using the money you earn from winning each of the wars.

Have the better strategy, attack harder, send out more troops, and win each stickman battle against enemy clans, until you rule the whole kingdom of stickmen! Good luck!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.