Impostor Game Console

22.06.2021 2.744 27 votes

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What is Impostor Game Console?

Impostor Game Console

Our category of Among Us Games is always full of surprises, and it will continue to be so for a long time since we really believe that it is one of our best, so we would always bring you only interesting games to it, just like we are doing right at this moment with Impostor Game Console, where the imposters have turned into mobile handheld consoles, and they are in a pixelated world, so you've already got two new fresh things to enjoy!

Help your imposter console reach its destination!

The red imposter console is going to move forwards in each level by itself, going from one wall to another, otherwise, it does not change direction, and you are the one who will help it jump over the traps, such as the many spikes that can appear, or to jump on the platform, so simply tap on the screen to jump.

The goal you have for each level is to run and jump so that you collect all the gold, avoid hitting any of the spikes and traps, and then go through the portal to the next level, where you do the same, only on a more difficult course.

It's all that simple, and it's guaranteed fun from start to finish, so our team hopes that you will start having fun with this game right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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