Tower of Cows

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What is Tower of Cows?

Tower of Cows

It is with tremendous excitement that right at this moment we get an opportunity of returning to the fan-favorite category of Arthur Games, based on the long-running show with the same name on PBS Kids, one show that we know is beloved by kids all over the globe, and now that you get to have fun with these characters once more, you should not miss out on this chance for anything in the world!

Tower of Cows is the name of the game, and we will now teach you how to build this tower of animals, cows no less!

Can you build the tallest cows tower?

The game presents an educational aspect where through the towers of cows that you build you will be able to learn mathematical notions on how to count, how to additions, you learn about balance and equality, and other fun stuff like this.

You can play a stacking game where you have to put cows on top of each other to achieve the necessary length or a game where you tip the balance of the cows to make sure they don't fall to the ground.

Ther is another mini-game where you get to pile up cows on top of each other, not necessarily in a square tower, or the moving game, where stacking towers is done to get vegetables to eat, all while on a moving platform.

You've never had as much fun with cows before as here, that's for sure, so we hope to see you begin the fun right away, as it is possible to have it only on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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