The Where Oliver Fits Puzzle Party

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What is The Where Oliver Fits Puzzle Party?

The Where Oliver Fits Puzzle Party

The Where Oliver Fits Puzzle Party is the first game we are using to introduce you to the Where Oliver Fits Games category just created for our website, which is based on a holiday special and series of animated shows airing on TreehouseTV, and which in turn adapts the popular children's book with the same name, so both new and old fans of this character will love the chance to finally play games with them on our website!

Solve Oliver's problems by solving his puzzles!

In front of you, there will be a total of four puzzles for you to choose from, puzzles that feature Oliver and his friends in a room full of toys, at a farm, or in other fun places, and you choose in which order to solve the puzzles.

While the game has a puzzle in its title, it does not mean that you only solve jigsaws where you place the pieces in their correct spot to form full pictures.

No, there are other mini-games you can play, such as a short memory matching game where by matching cards of identical characters you will make them appear in the puzzle and the picture.

It is that simple, and lots of fun from start to finish, so we hope that you start this game right now, and hopefully, you stick around for all the fun still to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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