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What is Pink?


We know that both boys and girls visiting our website are always seeking to be challenged by new logical puzzle games online, so it is with that thought in mind that right at this moment our team is happy to invite everyone to play a game such as Pink, which has a total of 25 exciting and thought-provoking levels, where we are sure you will have endless fun from start to finish!

Figure out the mechanics, solve the puzzles, and turn everything PINK!

Yes, as the header suggests, a level is cleared once all of the screens have turned into the color pink, because when you start it you will see that there are items around that are not pink, and you either have to color them, transform them into something else, and even move them away from the screen.

For example, you will have numbers on which you click repeatedly until they get filled with the color pink. On another level, you have to tap on the screen until the flamingo moves with his legs all the way out of the screen, and only pink remains. Or, you need to assemble lines until they are all linked together, light up in the pink color, and then blend with the background.

Each stage will put your mind to the test, and it will be very fun at the same time, with our team being positive that you will enjoy yourself and be able to solve any puzzle, no matter how difficult!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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