Quest for the Moonstone

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What is Quest for the Moonstone?

Quest for the Moonstone

Zombies 2 had been one of the most-watched Disney Channel Original Movies in the last few years, so we are very excited that right at this moment we can share with you all a brand new game based around this highly celebrated sequel movie, and this game is called Quest for the Moonstone, where you are about to go on an incredible magical adventure like no others!

Conquer the mini-games to acquire the moonstone!

The moonstone, just like its name suggests, is a stone coming from the Moon, but it's not just a rock, as it has important magical abilities, and all the races in this film want to get their hands on it: humans, zombies, and werewolves.

That is why in this game you will play various mini-games, and you will play for all three sides so that you have the most fun out of it. Of course, the rules of each mini-game are presented to you before you start it.

As an example and trailer for the fun, you are about to have, know that in one of the games you will become a cheerleader, and you will go on an obstacle course, where you use the arrow keys to run and jump.

You have to reach the end of the course before the time goes out on you, make sure to not fall into obstacles, traps, or puddles, and collect as many coins along the way too.

We wish you all good luck, lots of fun, and we hope to see you around even more!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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