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What is Bunk.Town?


Here on our website we never miss the opportunity of bringing our visitors new and high-quality io multiplayer games online, since that is something we are doing once more right at this moment when we hope that none of you will be missing out on the really amazing and unique gaming experience called Bunk.Town!

Survive the pandemic and sneak into the bunker!

As the global pandemic is going on around you everywhere, your character has reached Bunkfort Town, where you want to find shelter from everything going around. But, this bunker is its own society, with people and enemies being around all over the place, and they can't wait to get you, so you must do your best to survive!

Go around the map, collect useful items such as money, masks, sanitizer, weapons, passes, badges, and anything else that could be of help, and use them to get the upper hand against the other real-life players you will compete against in the bunker, hopefully doing a great job and reaching the top spots in the rankings!

As for the controls, you use W, A, S, D to move, the mouse to attack or use items, space to dash, Q-E to switch items, T for a chat. Good luck, we hope you survive, and then continue playing our amazing games!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, Q-E, mouse, T key.

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