Animal Swift

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What is Animal Swift?

Animal Swift

It is with lots of excitement that right at this moment we can present to each and every one of you one of our best new skill games 3d of the day, a game called Animal Swift, which is an endless flying game unlike you get to find and play just any day, so sharing it with you all right now and here was very important for us!

Help the switching animal blocks fly through the obstacles!

You will control two blocky animals that are flying in tandem and one next to each other, and your goal is to help them navigate through the brick obstacles in various shapes that they find along the way because if they hit them too many times, you lose the health bar and then the game as well.

You can swipe up and down in order to change the height at which you are flying, and when you hold the left mouse button down, the two blocky creatures are going to separate from one another, with each of them going on opposite ends, so these are the moves you need to make to advance.

As you proceed, try making a big distance, and to increase your score, collect as many diamonds and bonus items as you can. The game is that simple, so we wish you all good luck and all the best with it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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