Adventure of a Lunchtime

Adventure of a Lunchtime

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Adventure of a Lunchtime
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Adventure of a Lunchtime Overview


It's time to feed your favorite new raccoon from cartoons, and that is Taffy, or Scraggs, by his real name, from Boomerang's Taffy show, who now has his own category of online games where we are going to bring you lots of new and awesome games that should not be missed out on for anything in the world, believe us when we say it!

Adventure of a Lunchtime is the first game in the series, and your main role in it is to help guide Taffy through the puzzles and mazes so that he eats all the food and avoids the dog, Bentley.

Can you feed Taffy as much food as possible?

The goal that you have for each level is to reach the Mrs., and along the way collect as many sandwiches and food as possible, filling up the bar at the top. Try to find a path where you don't bump into the dog along the way because that means losing for sure.

You also lose if you lose all your lives. You have a limited number of them, and if you hit the electrical traps and other traps, you lose a life, but sometimes know that you have no choice but to lose some, to reach your goal.

Use the arrows to move Taffy on the paths. Each new level has a more complicated puzzle, and a harder path for you to take, but if you focus, we're sure you will win with ease. Good luck, and enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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