Mighty Jumps

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What is Mighty Jumps?

Mighty Jumps

Our recently-created category of Mighty Mike Games is making its return right now, something we are sure you were excited for since we saw these Boomerang Games be received very well so far, just like we are positive it will be the case right now with Mighty Jumps, a jumping and skill game, unlike the category, has had before, so playing it is a must, believe us!

Shoot Mike into the sky and see how far he can get!

You will be shooting Mike off of a catapult, using the mouse to aim at the angle you want to shoot him, and then tap at the moment when you think the power bar is full enough, and the more filled it is when you tap, the more power you will have in shooting him in the sky.

Of course, you should aim to advance with Mike for a distance as big as possible, and hopefully, you will get the chance to eat lots of sandwiches from the course and get even more points.

If he jumps on the bouncy flamingos, he can advance even further as he gets an extra speed bump. It's all that simple, so start right now, and if this is your first game from the category, check out the others right after it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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