Subway Surfers New Orleans

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What is Subway Surfers New Orleans?

Subway Surfers New Orleans

Our category of Subway Surfers Games online is always a good place to go if you are looking for new endless running games online of the highest quality, which is the reason why right at this moment you are all invited to check out and enjoy a terrific new game such as Subway Surfers New Orleans.

As the title suggests, the game has everything you love about the series, only it is set in New Orleans, one of America's most popular cities, a place of mysticism and magic!

Surf your way through the New Orleans metro and escape the police!

The story remains the same, which is that you were caught painting along the subway of New Orleans, so now that the policeman and his dog are chasing you, you need to escape!

As your character runs automatically forward, you will direct him on the lines so that you avoid roadblocks, trains, and various other obstacles, because hitting them too many times means you will slow down and get caught.

Use the right and left arrows to duck into those directions, press the up one to jump, and the down one to slide, and as you proceed, try collecting lots of coins and increasing your score.

You can also find various power-ups, and if you grab them, they will be a ton of help. Start now, enjoy, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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