Garage Slot

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What is Garage Slot?

Garage Slot

Today was not going to be the day when we were not going to offer you new slots games online on our website, as we've done so for the past few weeks day after day, which is why we are very excited that right now we get to share with you an amazing new game called Garage Slot, where instead of the usual lucky clovers you've got things such as vaseline, gas, wrenches, keys, engines, oils, and other things from a garage that are going to be the icons of the slot machine!

Become a lucky garage worker and get the money!

Pick the sum of money you want to bet, choose how many lines you are playing, and then give it your very best to keep betting until you hit the jackpot!

Of course, slots are not about hard work, but about luck, so hopefully you will match enough items in a line to multiply your bets lots of times, and in return get lots of money.

It is that simple, so we hope to see you all start playing this game right away, and enjoy it as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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