Wild Kratts Cats & Dogs

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What is Wild Kratts Cats & Dogs?

Wild Kratts Cats & Dogs

It has really been a while since we've had any new Wild Kratts Games online added to our website, so for precisely that reason, we are excited to bring you a new game like that right now when together with the two Kratts Brothers you are visiting the African Savanna, a place full of natural wonders, where you've got to rescue a pet wild cat, and a pet wild dog.

Help the Kratts Brothers save the wild pets, and learn more about these animals!

In the introduction of the game, you will learn that many wild felines and wild canines act and behave just like your pet cats and dogs, and it is the similarities between them and not the differences that will help you find the pet animals that have been lost and are in need of a rescue.

Whether we are talking about their howls, how they walk, or how their tails wiggle, these are things you've got to take notice of when looking for the two animals. It's up to you in which order you save them, so start with your favorite!

Use the arrow keys to move around with the Kratt brother in charge of each mission, and you will use their power suits to explore the natural tracks. There you try to retrace the steps of the animals and when you've got enough clues, you will reach them.

An amazing adventure full of wonder and learning awaits you, so we hope that you will start playing this game right now, and see for yourself how amazing it is!

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How to play?

Use the arrows.